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I'm working on a lengthy blog piece about this right now with some resources to help people get their money back. It took 34 days of relentless emails, but I got mom 90% of what she spent on the wig, and she got to keep the wig.

What I got back was what I asked for from the start, the shipping cost to send it back. I said "hey, mom can pay to send this back and you have to refund her or you can just send her the shipping cost". I hounded them every day, I was relentless. I also told them that I was the person who was instrumental in a $3.5 million fine against a major corporation for selling defective products and not working with customers to fix it.

My blog led to the investigation and fine. So, I put her on notice.

Mildred finally collapsed like a house of cards, folded like a cheap *** suit.

I'm working on having their social media revoked, blog shutdown, investigation by FTC, and urging UPS and Fedex to stop doing business with them. At least in the US.

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UPS and FEDEX should dis-continue doing any shipment for WIGSIS.COM..I am also in the middle of trying to return a horrible wig that looked nothing like their picture on their site..UK has removed their site and the USA should do the same..

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