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I made an impulse buy before reading reviews. My fault, I get that.

I cancelled 5 minutes after purchase. They dont list a number I have been emailing everyday since they only reply in the middle of the night est. They say they are in alaska but its all a lie. My 7 year old lost all her hair in 1 short week.

Im a single mom and spent bill money because I felt like a bad mom. I would never have done that knowing it would be well over a month before the wig even comes from overseas. My daughter is still bald and they refuse to refund.

What can I do who can I report them too?? Any advise would be great.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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My heart goes out to your daughter.....please report these thieves to PayPal, your Credit Card Company and the Federal Trade Reserve. We need to get these scammers off the internet.

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