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I had a lot of contact with Wigsis. They helped me win my case, by their lies.

Everything in writing. I would suggest that anyone who is frustrated, ask them lots of questions. For instance, their address and number. Also keep in mind that once you place your order for a wig, they automatically call it a special order the wig I got was hideous, to say the least.

Get all your information together with pictures of the wig. Then file a claim. I was required to send the wig back. It cost $54.00.

From what I understand it didn't make it back to them, probably because of the bad address!

Don't give up, you can beat them at their own game. Crooks!

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Their address is....Mr. Zhao (receiver) Room 521, Building No.

1 Zhongxingcheng.... Beiyihuan Road , Yaohai District....Hefei City, Anhui Provence...230011 and the phone number is 18956560706...Paypal was finally able to get this address for me....


Excellent news!

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