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After filing a dispute with Paypal on October 26..I have won the dispute and am having all my money refunded by Paypal..I am also going to be refunded $30 on shipping cost to them..If you have a Paypal account then use them to settle your dispute with this dis-reputable company..I am shipping this horrible mess back to them today and Paypal has assured me that once I ship and give them the tracking number then when they receive the wig I will get my FULL REFUND..I told them that I was worried about them saying it didn't arrive but they assured me that once I shipped and gave them the tracking number I was in the clear..

.If you are having problems (as I did) getting them to give you an address then it is:

Mr. Zhao ( receiver) Room 521,Building No 1 Zhongxingcheng...... Beiyihuan Road,Yaohai District....Hefei City, Anhui Provence 230011 and the phone number is 18956560706...This is something Molly and Mildred refused to give until Paypal got them to finally do it...It took many conversations between Molly and I had on Paypal till I got fed up and called Paypal to escalate the dispute..Don't give up ..You can win...

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THANK YOU SO MUCH. If and when I get a chance, I will pay this forward.

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